DEE N KATHY have over 20 years of Real Estate experience, education, designations, marketing, networking and negotiating expertise you can count on! We are "on a mission" to provide the best quality services possible to help you complete your Real Estate needs. If you or someone you know needs our help, call us! We have a mission to complete!

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Getting to know Dee

Dee Dinota is a U OF A softball alumni, USA Olympian, 5A State Champion Softball Coach, and today still plays hard as the strength coach at Ironwood Ridge High School. She directs all of that energy into a great Real Estate experience. Give her the ball and she will run... Give her a house to find and she will find it... Give her a house to sell and it will be SOLD!!!!

Getting to know Kathy

Kathy Herrera has an excess of 15 years of Banking, Appraisal, and Real Estate experience she utilizes to complete any task on hand. Certified in negotiations, BUYERS and SELLERS needs, Short sales, and extensive REO sales experience she is confident and up for any challenge.